Hi Everybody.

Lots to do to get this site back up and running!

As I am somewhat of a control freak and enjoy the freedom of being able to do anything I want with my site without doing everything remotely through Earthlink’s hosting I decided to bring everything under my own roof and save the 24 clams a month (which will likely go to cover the electric bill.)

Going slowly.  Built a new box for the the firewall and router.  Setting up the firewall and router.  PFSense ain’t as easy as Untangle…

Built a new box for the NAS. Setting that up and transferring all the stuff to it.  Getting it to talk to Active Directory…  FreeNAS is pretty cool, I like it so far if it doesn’t crash and burn all my data.

Building a new box for the webserver.  8 core processer AMD. Configuring Apache 24 is always fun.

Reinstalling WordPress is still fun and easy…

Transferring the domain from Australia to back here in the good ol’ USA and getting rid of hosted Earthlink website.  Don’t know if I like GoDaddy yet or not, but they’re just the registrar…

Getting 5 static IP’s pretty soon.  Should make things a little easier.

Just to let everyone know, I barely know what I’m doing…  Lotta things have changed in the last 10 years since I did all this before, BUT!

It’s coming along.

The crystal radio section will be back up and running soon. Whats left can be accessed here:




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